How To Get A Copy Of Paternity Test Results And Where To Get It

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Obtaining a copy of paternity blood test results conducted by child support involves a few essential steps. Initiate by contacting the relevant Child Support Agency, providing crucial details like case number and parties’ names. Keep in mind that procedures can vary, so it’s advisable to review agency policies before proceeding. Below, we would discuss how and where to get them.


How To Get A Copy Of Paternity Test Results

To obtain a copy of paternity blood test results conducted by child support, you can follow these steps:

1. Contact Child Support Agency: 

Begin by reaching out to the Child Support Agency or department responsible for conducting the paternity test. You can find their contact information on their official website or any correspondence you may have received.

2. Provide Necessary Information: 

When you contact them, be prepared to provide relevant information such as the case number, names of the parties involved, and the date when the test was conducted. This will help them locate your case and the associated test results.

3. Request in Writing: 

It’s a good practice to make your request in writing. This can be done through an email or a formal letter. In your request, clearly state that you are seeking a copy of the paternity blood test results, and include all the identifying information mentioned earlier.

4. Proof of Identity: 

Child support agencies take privacy and confidentiality seriously. They might require you to provide proof of your identity to ensure that you are authorized to access the test results. This can be done by submitting a copy of your government-issued photo ID.

5. Processing Time and Fees: 

In some cases, there might be a processing time associated with retrieving and providing the copy of the results. Additionally, there might be a fee involved for providing the copy. Make sure to inquire about these details when you contact them.

6. Release Form: 

Depending on the agency’s policies, they might have a specific release form that you need to fill out to request the test results. This form could be available on their website or can be provided to you upon request.

7. Follow Up: 

After you have submitted your request, follow up with the agency to ensure that your request is being processed. You might need to communicate with them to clarify any additional information they might require.

8. Receive the Copy: 

Once your request is processed and any required fees are paid, the agency will provide you with a copy of the paternity blood test results. This could be in the form of a physical document or a digital copy, depending on their procedures.

Remember that the process might vary slightly based on your jurisdiction and the specific agency conducting the test. It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the agency’s policies and procedures before making your request.


Places To Get a Copy Of Paternity Test Results 

1. Child Support Agency:

The agency responsible for conducting the paternity test is likely to have the results on file. Contact them directly using the information available on their official website or any correspondence you’ve received. Provide them with the necessary details such as case number, names of parties involved, and the date of the test. They can guide you through their process for obtaining the results.

2. Medical Testing Laboratory:

 If the paternity blood test was conducted by a medical laboratory, they should have a record of the results. Reach out to the lab’s customer service or records department. Be ready to provide them with relevant information to help locate your results. This might include your personal details, the date of the test, and any identification numbers provided at the time.

3. Court Clerk’s Office: 

If the paternity test results were used in a legal context, there’s a possibility that the court clerk’s office where the case was heard might have a copy of the results. Visit the court’s website or contact them to inquire about the process for obtaining copies of documents related to your case. You may need to fill out a request form and possibly pay a fee.

4. Medical Professional or Doctor’s Office:

 If the paternity test was conducted by a medical professional as part of a private medical examination, your doctor’s office might have a copy of the results in your medical records. Contact your healthcare provider and inquire about accessing your medical records, including the paternity test results.

5. Online Portal or Account: 

Some testing agencies, especially private ones, provide individuals with access to their test results through online portals or accounts. If you were given login information or if you have a unique account associated with the testing, log in to the portal to access and download your paternity test results.

Remember to keep your personal identification documents handy, as many places will require proof of your identity to release sensitive information like paternity test results. Be patient and persistent in your efforts, as the process might involve certain administrative steps and verification procedures. Always refer to official sources or contact relevant organizations directly to ensure accuracy and compliance with their specific procedures.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I Access Paternity Test Results Online?

   Some testing agencies, especially private ones, offer online portals or accounts where you can access your test results. If you were provided with login credentials, you might be able to log in to their website and view or download the results. However, not all agencies provide this option, so it’s best to inquire about it directly.

2. How Long Does It Take to Get a Copy of Paternity Test Results?

   The time it takes to receive a copy of paternity test results can vary depending on the agency or institution involved. Child support agencies, medical laboratories, and courts may have different processing times. It’s advisable to inquire about the expected turnaround time when you submit your request. Some agencies might offer expedited services for an additional fee.

3. Is There a Fee to Obtain Paternity Test Results?

   There might be a fee associated with obtaining a copy of paternity test results, depending on where the test was conducted and the organization involved. Child support agencies and courts may charge a fee for administrative costs. Medical laboratories might also charge a fee to cover the retrieval and copying of records. It’s important to ask about any potential fees upfront and be prepared to cover those costs.


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